Learning Management Systems

With your list of requirements out of the way, let’s continue in getting that LMS in place. It is now time for the actual selection and purchasing. This is the fun part where you get to explore, investigate and compare!

Note: This is part 3 of 3 on how to…

Learning Management Systems

I thought I’d share a (non-exhaustive) list of requirements that can be used as a starting point or inspiration when buying an LMS. Unfortunately, just copy-pasting this list to your project won’t work as you’ll need to respect the unique needs of your organisation. …

Learning Management Systems

There are tons and tons of LMS-providers on the market. How can you make sure to select the right one for your organisation? I’ve been approached several times to help contacts source an LMS and want to share my tips and lessons learned with a wider audience. …


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Did you ever encounter a situation where you were training but one of the participants stubbornly refused to learn, criticised you or in general disturbed the training? Every now and then you as trainer will encounter “difficult” learners. By difficult I don’t mean that they have a hard time learning…


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Focus on individuality

I prefer not to use to standardised training, but to let every trainer’s own personality shine through. This is appreciated by the learner and trainer alike. Make sure that all trainings have a certain level of standard through guidelines and template material but don’t be afraid to let your team…

Cultural awareness

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Intercultural trainings will always have an added layer of difficulty compared to training in your home culture. For those of us that aren’t Indian, training for an Indian audience does have a special flavour (as does training for Australians, Argentinians or Danes). I’ve held many on-site trainings in India and…

Training feedback

There are some common mistakes I often see in training feedback questionnaires (as well as in any type of questionnaire I’m asked to complete). They are annoying and they make me answer less accurately, leading to less useful resuts. To help you create better questionnaires I’ve compiled the top 5…

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